Inbound and Outbound Marketing Integration

Many tools and services exist for marketing professionals to rollout inbound/outbound campaigns and analyze all kinds of user metrics. These tools and services are even more valuable when combined together into one system.


Most notable companies provide JavaScript API services coupled with their products. This makes it almost effortless to integrate into any application that supports JavaScript. All you need is a developer, like me, to build it.

Custom Tracking

Analytics Tools generally provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution for tracking user activity. For example, Google Analytics tracks interactions like clicks, scrolling, mouse movements, and also provides a full suite of visualizations so humans can better understand the data.


But what if you need to do something different? What if you need to track something more? What if the user interaction is more complex than a click or a scroll?

Integrating smart triggers at specific points in the system will provide even more insight into user behavior. Google and Adobe Omniture, for example, make it easy for JavaScript developers to add additional tracking to their suite of tools. The custom tracking we build can be portable and reusable for any of your future projects.

Sales Funnel Automation

With a lean UX process, we setup experiments, like A/B tests, to see what the user does based on differences in the UI. If user feedback is analyzed and acted upon faster and in a more routine and seamless way, this removes barriers to acquiring new customers. I will automate the process of testing, gathering feedback, and retesting for max effectiveness.

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