User-centered Design

I slash away steps users have to take to purchase your products and services. For example, a “Buy” button could require the user to complete three steps, and with each step the user could change their mind with the purchase. If you remove a step (ie. make the interface more usable), users are more likely to buy your products and services! By improving system usability, we can maximize user engagement.

Drawing Mobile Application Wireframes

Feedback Loop and Testing

Finding ways to make your web or mobile app easier is hard to do. This is where I can help. I have ways to validate ideas and products by gathering feedback at every stage of the development lifecycle.

My team will work with you to setup a process of continually collecting feedback from customers while improving the feature set. We can track user interactions to test different hypothesis and fine tune the experience.

Mobile Application Wireframes

Interactive Prototypes

Getting an interactive prototype of a mobile app in the hands of an actual customer gives product managers a unique perspective. We learn strengths and weaknesses directly from the customer while using the target device. Additionally, I will research consumer purchase patterns and run experiments to help us steer product development in the right direction.

With this feedback, I improve the experience – updating the prototype to be retested and reevaluated by the customer. After a few iterations, the quality and usability leads to a well defined product ready for a highly competitive market.

What you will get…

Stakeholders receive my team’s expertise coupled with a wide array of deliverables to help communicate exactly how the user interactions will work.


  • Lean UX Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Usability Research
  • User Segmentation
  • Information Architecture
  • Automation


  • Stories and Scenarios
  • Flow Charts
  • Wireframes
  • Story Boards
  • Visual Designs
  • Style Guide

Get started and improve your system’s user experience the right way.

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