We follow a strict Agile development workflow which revolves around iteration – continuous improvement, testing, and delivery. This gives our clients more control and ownership of the product as it is developed and served to the end user.

Clean and Functional Code

We focus on writing code that is clean, functional, tested and well-documented. Additionally, we avoid side effects by making immutable changes on an existing codebase.

Modules and Reusability

Every part of the application, server and client, is engineered with full consideration for reusability. We maintain the right balance between convention and configuration without sacraficing flexibility. This makes us fast at knocking out common features and integrations.

Test Driven Development

We include automated testing to alert the team of problems that arise in development before they are promoted to production. This becomes a powerful way to create a stable code environment for a growing dev team. Bug reports are monitored in real-time. Managers have ability to view test coverage across the entire codebase.

Front End

We love React. We also work with React Native, Redux, Electron, Ember, GraphQL, and D3, to name a few.

Node.js – Back End

We use Node.js frameworks like Apollo, Meteor, Koa, Express, to build real-time components and API endpoints. We write non-blocking, functional JS to take full advantage of concurrency with Node.js.

Elixir – Back End

We also love Elixir and the Phoenix framework to build real-time, scalable software applications and API endpoints.

Other Dev Services

  • Developer sourcing and team building
  • Integration with 3rd party cloud services
  • Code reviews
  • Enforced code quality and performance
  • Software Architecture

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